Primal land, where it all began...

Right here, in Tanzania, in the site known as Olduvai (the cradle of mankind), the most ancient traces of mankind were found.
This lost paradise, where the flora and fauna have been the same from time immemorial, has been the setting for numberless nature documentaries seen on TV.

"Bila vumbi siyo Africa" (without dust it isn't Africa), is the quintessence of the safari* experience in an old tanzanian saying. No tarmac, only dust and a great deal of adventure! The asphalt strips that entangle our megacities give way to the elements, the tie with Mother Nature is constant, primal and rivives the most intimate emotions, numbed by the rat race of everyday life.

The magic of Africa Safaris

Ready, set, go! The pursuit of the big mammals is on!
Across the limitless savannah, we will follow their tracks, waiting for them to show up to behold their magnificence. Through reserves, pristine parks and lush vegetation we'll come into contact with the tribes that have lived in this remote corner of the planet since the days of old and, standing in awe at giant Kilimanjaro, we'll climb up to its summit, where we'll feast our eyes on a landscape of incomparabile beauty.

Trekking on Kilimanjaro

The legendary volcano, 5,895 m above sea level, is the highest peak in the african continent and the tallest stand-alone mountain in the world. Although mighty, the mount can be climbed by everyone, the inexperienced climber gaping at its magnificence or the professional climber that has chosen this as the perfect ground to challenge his own limits. By way of contrast, the sun and the white sands of Zanzibar, one the most popular archipelagoes in the world, lie just a couple of hours away from here.

* At Primaland, we are against any form of violence on animals, therefore reference to the word "safari" in this website is to be meant exclusively as "photo safari", which is the only safari experience that we organize, arrange and support.

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