Arusha National Park

North Tanzania Itineraries

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Just a 40-minute drive from the city of Arusha, it is the starting point of all the excursions to the northern parks. Despite not being one of the largest parks in Tanzania, it has some areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The Ngurdoto crater

The Ngurdoto crater has a caldera of approximately 3 sq km (1.2 sq mi) and its slopes are covered in rain forests. Inside the crater are swamps and savannah. In this primal athmosphere, the crater is so rich in wildlife to be nicknamed the "little Ngorongoro crater";

The lakes Momela

The lakes Momela are seven small ones, different from one another because of the presence of various kinds of minerals. Their shallow and alkaline waters house almost 400 types of migratory and non-migratory birds, together with huge pink flamingo colonies.

The area around Mount Meru

The area around Mount Meru, a 4,566-m-high dormant volcano, which is the second-highest mount in Tanzania.

Arusha National Park hosts the highest concentration of giraffes in the world, together with a great number of hippos, buffaloes, warthogs and many types of antilopes, leopards and hyenas.
As an alternative to the well-known four-wheel drive safari, the park provides a wide range of activities such as the walking safari to the base of Mount Meru or along the brink of the Ngurdoto crater, in a landscape of outstanding beauty. These excursions usually last about 4 hours and require being escorted by an armed park ranger. It also offers the thrill of a  ride in a canoe on the small lake Momela or a walk to the Njeku observation point, on the bottom of the crater of Mount Meru.
The short distance between the park and the city of Arusha allows visitors to take a half-day trip to the city before leaving or when returning from a long safari in northern Tanzania.


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