Lake Manyara National Park

North Tanzania Itineraries

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"The loveliest lake in Africa", as Ernest Hemingway put it...


The relevant park is made up of a strip of land about 50 km long and between 6 to 8 km wide, including its namesake lake  which extends as far as the western side of the Great Rift Valley. Although comprising a wide range of ecosystems, it is one of the smallest and most underrated parks in Tanzania.

Flora e fauna locale

It may not be as amazing and have as many different species of wildlife as other reserves in northern Tanzania, but its diverse vegetation with savannah, swampland and evergreen forests hosts such a high concentration of mammals that makes it one of the areas with the highest biomass index in the world.

In its 360 sq km, a good portion of which occupied by the lake, it is common to come across elephant families moving in the forest, buffaloes, hippos and many other species. What's special about the park is also the presence, generally unusual elsewhere,  of tree-climbing lions, so called because they are quite adept at climbing acacia trees, manouvreing themselves up into their branches where they eventually come to relax.

The park is also renowned among birdwatchers because of the abundance of bird species, particularly flamingoes, that during the rainy season can gather to form an incredibly large population.


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